Are you completely relaxed, focused and happy in your life?

Anxiety and stress can affect all of us at some point in our life. It is our challenge to find what will work for us to reduce this dangerous condition.  I am glad you are here, you are on the right path.

Christian Kessner Reiki practitionerThis is the main reason that Reiki Island was created. I was suffering from a case of anxiety on a ongoing basis. I found daily tasks to be a strain and when the most minor set backs came along in my day it would leave me feeling overwhelmed, foggy in my mind and extremely stressed. I went to the doctor who instantly wanted me to go on anti-depression pills, which I tried with little positive effects. I was fed up with feeling fed up on my search for relief when Reiki came to me as a suggestion from a friend and WOW I was shocked and pleasantly surprised by the results.

I have since spent the past 7 years practicing and researching the right fit for allowing the body and mind to come to a place where it can let go, relax and enable itself to heal and reconnect to a place of calm and focus. I am a certified Jikiden Reiki Practitioner. Jikiden is the authentic original reiki lineage where we stay true to the origins using Japanese signs and language.

Your practitioner, Christian Kessner lives in South Granville, is married and has an amazing daughter. He is an avid traveller with over 40 countries under his belt. Music is an essential element of who he is followed by a passion for food, yoga and life. 

The entire Reiki Island experience has been designed to allow you to completely relax and your body and mind to take a deep breather that you so deserve.

Each Reiki Island session lasts an hour.

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